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Cipriani. Exchange For Good.

Founded in Verona in 1987, Cipriani PHE Srl is the first manufacturer of ‘made in Italy’ gasketed plate heat exchangers.

Efficient processes, continuous investments in research and a tailor-made approach to production are our unmistakable signature.

After forty years of experience in this specific technology, today we are part of the SFPI industrial group: an opportunity that recognises the value of our vocation for always being responsible from an industrial point of view. We work with honesty and commitment to continuous improvement, for the purpose of fulfilling the needs of a continuously-changing international market. We do this through excellent products and services that comply with the highest standards.

Timeline – The steps of our history.


Cipriani PHE was founded in Verona. Here we wrote the first chapters of a history that speaks of efficiency, passion and sustainability.


CIAT: belonging to the French group CIAT solidified our know-how in heat exchange, opening us up to the international dimension.


CARRIER: we found a new spirit in the American Multinational: namely Kaizen, which pushes us to improve every day.


SFPI: by joining the French group SFPI, we began preparing for a future of continued growth and innovation, with responsible industrial choices in each of our activities.

Commercial, financial, environmental and management responsibility. Shared values with SFPI group.

By following the example of SFPI group, that Cipriani PHE has been part of since 2019, the company has adopted a model of responsibility that guides every company activity.

  • Commercial responsibility - we offer products and integrated services of the highest standards, from the design of heat exchangers to timely delivery and after-sales consulting.
  • Environmental responsibility - efficient production allows us to reduce our impact on the environment and place safe, sustainable and 95% recyclable products on the market.
  • Financial responsibility - risk and team efficiency management allow us to optimise and guarantee production that respects the interests of the company, the employee and the market.
  • Managerial responsibility - we invest in human resources as our top strategic asset, sharing competencies, pursuing objectives and aiming for continuous improvement.

Dedicated design and expert consulting. The heart of Cipriani PHE

Dedicated design of product ranges, combined with expert consulting in every thermal application: this is our guarantee of best service and high performance of our heat exchangers.

In fact, the objective is to share internal know-how with that of our customers, to thereby achieve the highest levels of excellence and anticipate Market needs.

Designed and developed with modern and certified resources and technical instruments, the range of heat exchangers has been industrialised following strict laboratory testing, which has made it possible to validate achieved performance and therefore offer a quality and technologically advanced product on the market.

Our company


Experience and customer-oriented vocation. Our sales office

Thanks to the constant presence of our collaborators on the market, alongside our customers we have succeeded in sharing and applying the company’s know-how in a vast range of applications of our plate heat exchangers. Every day our competent staff and expert technicians closely analyse the market demands in the various segments of application. The Cipriani sales office is constantly motivated to always respond to the new needs of its customers. In fact, it is always involved in every stage of the supply chain:

  • in providing timely estimates;
  • in offering complete technical tips on the product and its combination with other components of the system;
  • in giving information relative to the laws and pertinent regulations;
  • in revising and closely checking customer orders;
  • in providing after-sales assistance and all of the original and reliable spare parts produced exclusively according to our standards.

Production-related know-how, quality and technology

The careful and innovative design of our plate heat exchangers is accompanied by overall quality in every stage of the production process of our gasketed plate heat exchangers. This is why at CIPRIANI we have always availed of the experience of competent professionals who specialise in attention to every detail of the process and product, as an active part of the company’s quality management process.

The heat exchanger is the product resulting from a process managed and monitored in every stage: from the production of its components to the final testing of the assembly, according to the established requirements, even above the minimum standards set forth by the regulations in force.

Efficient production machines, in combination with dynamic and dedicated resources, guarantee timely deliveries, including urgent if necessary. The service to customers and extensive knowledge of the products are the priorities of staff actively engaged in the production process.